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Do you create custom gifts? 
Absolutely! In fact we've went out of our way to create a 'Create Your Own Gift' section for you to be able to curate your own gift box. However if you are looking for something more unique, customized or prefer for us to put something together just for you we would be more than happy to help. Get in touch with us via email or telephone and we can discuss  your perfect gift

What are the options for delivery?
There are four options for delivery: 
Gift Box - Canada Wide Delivery 
Gift Basket - Canada Gift  Delivery 

Expedited - Canada Wide Delivery 

Toronto + GTA (York/Peel) Courier Hand Delivery 


All Meloolou gift boxes can be shipped Canada wide from our studio in Toronto, Ontario for a flat rate of $17.00 Majority of Meloolou gift baskets are available for Canada wide delivery for a flat rate of $35.00. We ship our packages with a few different courier services ranging from Canada Post, FedEx, UPS and Purolator. The selection of which depends on who is best suited for that particular order but will always include a tracking number which will be sent to you via email. 

Depending on the destination address our standard shipping mentioned above has different expected delivery times. As our studio is located in Ontario orders being delivered within Ontario or to our nearby Province Quebec are delivered quicker than a Province such as British Columbia which is across the country.

The Meloolou Team is generally quite quick at putting your orders together, we only require a business day or two. Once completed the order will be handed off to the selected courier company. The two standard Canada Wide shipping options have an approximate shipping transit time of below:

Ontario: 1 – 2 business days
Quebec: 1 – 2 business days
Manitoba: 2- 3 business days
Saskatchewan: 4 – 5 business days
Alberta: 4 – 6 business days
British Columbia: 4 – 6 business days
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI: 2 – 4 business days  
Other Provinces / Territories 4+ business days


Need an urgent delivery? We've got you covered! This option is available for both gift baskets and boxes and the order gets VIP (very important package) treatment: priority and urgent turn around time by the Meloolou Team with the quickest delivery time (approx.. 1 – 2 business days) available. It's a flat rate of $60 for all Provinces. We suggest selecting this shipping for any urgent deliveries required in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, or Yukon.



We also provide local courier hand delivery for Toronto and two municipalities (York and Durham Region) surrounding it for $45.00. This option has the quickest possible turn around time as items can be delivered the day after it your gift is put together and processed. Some gift baskets are limited to only this delivery as it likely contains multiple delicate items or is extra large in size.

Message from our team: We do not suggest courier hand delivery for any residential buildings that do not have a concierge or if you are unsure of a concierge. Should the recipient’s buzzer number not be available, the call goes unanswered, or for any reason the gift is not able to be delivered our delivery team has been instructed to return the gift back to our studio and additional costs for the next delivery attempt will be required. We suggest using our standard Canada Wide Delivery instead.

What if my gift is undeliverable? 

Should your order be deemed undeliverable for any reason it will be returned to the Meloolou studio at which time we will contact you, the gift giver, at the email address and/or phone number provided at checkout. The gift will have to be shipped back out to a different, correct address and additional fees will apply for the return and new shipment. 

Possible reasons for a gift being deemed undeliverable include: recipient has moved, parcel is refused on delivery, parcel was not picked up should the courier company run out of delivery attempts, the incorrect address was inputted (it happens more often than you think!), etc. 

Will I get notification once the gift is delivered?

Gifts that are being delivered via "Toronto + GTA (York/Peel) Courier Hand Delivery" will receive an email once the package is delivered. Gifts being delivered by any of our Canada Wide shipping options will receive their tracking number via email once our team has finished processing the order. From there we encourage you to use a order tracker app such as SHOP which will provide you with updates about your delivery times.

What is your return policy?

Each of our gifts are of a handmade nature and for that reason all sales are final. With that said if you are not satisfied with your purchase kindly contact us upon receipt so that we can work together to resolve any issues. Here at Meloolou we strive to ensure everyone involved in the process has a positive experience. 

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