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Gift a day of nourishment for skin and spirit from the comfort of their own home. Spa Date (II) was created as an alternative for those who prefer sultry scented products. This gift box offers a beautiful combination of full sized relaxing spa gifts that offer continuious use over time. 


Box Includes:

  • Formulary 55, Shea Butter Creme, Bourbon & Vanilla Scent
  • Terrior, Mini Chocolates, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Flavour
  • Formulary 55, Bath Tablet, Bourbon & Vanilla Scent
  • Tea, Tea with Tae, Lavender Earl Grey Flavour
  • Luxury Soap, SOAK Co., Cashmere Scent (warm musk, sweet vanilla and soft woods)
  • Glossy White Gift Box 


Our gift box items are hugged in what we like to call sprinkle paper, wrapped with ribbon + bow, beautified with dried greenery and finished with your personal message handwritten on a notecard.


*All gift products are subject to availability. We reserve the right to substitute contents for equal or greater value (flavor/scents).

Spa Date (II)

Chocolate Flavour
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